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 Our puppies are handled and socialized from an early age. They are introduced to new sights, sounds, smells such as birds, music and socialize with family members especially children. They watch the bigger dogs play and exercise. They interact with toys and objects of different textures to stimulate their senses and utilize the outdoors for plenty of exercise. After 5 weeks of age we introduce puppy formula with baby rice cereal to help start the weening process and practice their lapping up skills. We then begin to add wet puppy food making a mush. By the 7th week they will have adapted to dry puppy food that has been soaked in water, soaking it less and less so by the 8th week your puppy is ready for dry puppy food. All of this while they are still nursing on mom. By the time you pick up your little one he/she will be well socialized, weened and ready for their new homes. Some of our puppies have become service dogs by their new owners

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Our adult dogs are our family pets. They live and sleep in our home, swim in the pool and have plenty of agility based exercise as well as a balanced diet. This insures that they are healthy, happy and well tempered. We love and care for them as if they are our own children


"This puppy is a gift from god! knows her name, how to "sit" and "come" on demand and goes potty outside. Olive is an incredible dog. Your dogs have great calm genes"

- Jacklynn Bell - 

"She did wonderful. Already going potty outside. She is precious!"

- Courtney Hoffman -

"Ali is great. Doing well with potty training. Only a couple of accidents. The kids love their new puppy and she is very sweet with them. Her temperament is great!"

- Paul Dozier -

"Rylee is constantly growing and a super sweet and loving dog as always. Thank you again for this beautiful dog. I always tell my dad that even if there were more females at the meet and greet, I would still have chosen her. Thanks again"

- Brianna -

This is captain and were blessed with him 7 months ago. He is absolutely my EVERYTHING. 

You have selected the BEST breeder!!!!!

Their LOVE for these puppies CAN NOT be measured

- Cindy Nester -  

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*Deposits will "only" be refunded if the puppy becomes sick or dies before purchase

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Our babies adopt quickly, so contact us to reserve your furever friend or if you have any questions. Don't forget to click the "Facebook" Icon to view our Facebook Page with more pics and videos. "We are the GOLD Standard in Dog Breeding"  "5 Star" Rating by our puppy owners- 


**We are NOT affiliated with the North Carolina Amish breeder "Golden Star Family Puppies"** 


     **Puppies are sold with Limited AKC Registration**

Golden Star Retrievers

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